Yan Huliang Quality ControlInnovation Studio

Date created:2017.10        Number of studios:9

Mainly engaged in what aspects of innovation: self-recognition of laboratory instruments 3Q in accordance with laws and regulations to verify the company's computerized system analysis method optimization

Leading Name: Han Huliang Skill Level/Title Title/Title: Technician/Laboratory Equipment Specialist

Leading person or team has won honors: Shangyao Xinyi Craftsman, 2015 New Drugs Group's new long marching sniper

Working years: 12

Project or project

Project Name: Verification of Enterprise CSV System

Innovation goal: To complete the company's CSV system verification in accordance with regulatory requirements

Start and end date: 2017

Innovative research content and plans:

According to the Announcement of the Computerized Systems and the Confirmation and Verification Verification Two Appendix (No. 54 of 2015) issued by the CFDA, “The Drug Manufacturing Quality Management Specification (Revised in 2010)”, it is proposed to associate the quality control department with the personnel and technicians of the factory office computer technology. The studio set up a project team to verify the company's computerized system.

Project Name: 3Q Confirmation for Laboratory Instruments

Innovation goal: 3Q verification of PH meter, pure water meter, and fluorescence photometer

Start and end date: 2017

Innovative research content and plans:

QC Instruments 3Q confirmed that it has been operating in a normal manner. HPLC, UV and other instruments can be used to confirm the operation status. However, some small instruments have not yet been included in the scope of the instrument confirmation. Therefore, in 2017, such small instruments will be ready for confirmation to ensure the instrument. Reliable performance, accuracy of experimental data.

Studio Chuanbang Band Plan:

With the teaching and practice, the studio members can upgrade their job skills to the next level. Together with the CSV plan and the instrument validation plan, the studio will cultivate newcomers' understanding of laboratory instruments and improve their job skills and theoretical knowledge. As a result, more people can work independently and solve problems when they encounter problems at work.

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